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Ty Ku and Spirits

Cee Lo Green Invites You to SHARE ON


F 25-54, health conscious individuals, foodies, cocktail set, pop culture devotees.


Introduce TY KU Sake as an alternative to wine and vodka for those who enjoy alcoholic beverages but would like to have something low calorie, gluten and tannin free.


TY KU partnered with Cee Lo Green, to promote TY KU Sake through a three tier approach:

  • MEDIA – National targeted TV campaign featuring Ce Lo sharing sake with himself. Each situations showing the diverse locations sake can be enjoyed
  • RETAIL – Cee Lo visited various large distributors as an ambassador for TY KU. He met with various store managers and buyers and educated them on the features and benefits of TY KU. TY KU created various POS items featuring Cee Lo to merchandise TY KU in retail.
  • PRODUCT INTEGRATION – TY KU was integrated into all aspects of Cee Lo’s career including live shows and public appearances


Awareness and branding was raised awareness for TY KU Sake, making TY KU the only sake that many people could ask for by name.