Anheuser-Busch & Labatt Breweries x Escape Room Challenge

Anheuser-Busch & Labatt Breweries

Anheuser-Busch & Labatt Breweries x Escape Room Challenge

TARGET: College Students



  • Anheuser-Busch x Labatt Breweries gave college students a glimpse into what it’s truly like to be an employee at both companies through a unique 15 minute branded Escape Room Challenge.
  • The Escape Room Challenge was created to educate students on company culture, increase brand awareness, and gain interest on joining the GMT (Global Management Trainee) program upon graduation, through a unique 15 minute Escape Room Challenge.



  • COLLiDE took the Escape Room Challenge across eight prestigious college campuses within the United States and three locations within Canada
    • Anheuser-Busch locations included: UC Berkeley, Washington University, Notre Dame, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Harvard and MIT
    • Labatt Breweries locations included: Labatt National Office, Queen’s University and Western University


  • Students had 15 minutes to work together and ‘escape the room’ and solve the problem. The Escape Room taught students what it was like to work amongst both companies where one faces challenges, obstacles, and utilizes team-building efforts within the workplace.



    • Created an innovative way to engage with college students through educating them about the company and creating a memorable moment.
    • Between the 1,000+ student participants in the Escape Room Challenge, promotional tactics, and targeted social media ads, Anheuser-Busch & Labatt gained maximum exposure, created brand awareness, and produced an innovative consumer-experience across all college campuses.
    • Video sizzle: HERE